We’ve been observing and testing worm behaviour to try and learn more about their characteristics and to see if we can notice the difference they make to soil.

 Experiment No.1

First we made a simple maze and put worm food down one end with a few worms at the other. In our groups we timed how long it took for the first worm to get to the food.



The Results

 Some worms didn’t do much at all but there were enough worms that were active to get results. After the first worm reached the food it was put back to the start to see if it would get there faster the next time. This was repeated. Some worms went 5 or 6  times and some worms only went 2 or 3 times. Every time they got there faster.

The Theory

This led us to believe that worms have memory in some way and a way to detect food. Some thought a worm’s brain contributed to memory, others theorised that they left a scent of some sort and some thought they got there quicker because each time they made the trail easier to follow or go through. Kyle noticed that they went faster under the soil than on top.




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