Grape Harvest 3/4 H

Last Thursday our job was to harvest the dark, purple grapes. We had to work in pairs and cut bunches from the vine. We were meant to test them first to see if they were ripe. Most of the grapes were but some weren’t. These ones were a bit purplish and green.

The ones that were dark, rich purple were very sweet and tasted good.

Harvesting our Corn – 1/2’s

We thought the garden looked beautiful when we came back from holidays and we were surprised by how big some of the ears of corn were. We picked some of the biggest ones and peeled back the leaves. They looked good. We cut them up and ate them. They tasted delicious. Some of us had 2 pieces.



After learning about what’s inside the core of the earth, tectonic plates and what causes natural disasters we made our own volcanos in groups. We made them out of paper mache with plastic bottles inside so we could do mini volcanic eruptions with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in warm water-with a drop or two of red dye.

We had fun making them and a lot of fun making the eruptions. After we followed the planned recipe for the reaction we could experiment and adjust the ingredients to see what makes the most effective eruption. The best eruption was the group who shook their mixture before adding the vinegar. Their eruption shot out high to at least 20cm.



The Tallest Tower- 1/2W & 2/3H

After a unit focusing on What Objects are Made From, where different materials come from and how they’re used, 1/2W and 2/3 H had to design the tallest tower using only newspaper and masking tape. We found that cylinder shapes and pillars were a good basis of design.

Harvesting the Grapes

1/2W along with some Grade 4 students carried out the huge task of completing the grape harvest. There were enough  bunches of grapes for everyone in the school to have at least one bunch between two. As well as testing them and cutting them of the vine they put them in containers and on trays and carried them to classrooms to share around. they even helped gather the nets!

What a successful harvest this year. Well done everyone for leaving them until they were ripe!

Harvesting from our Vegi Garden-1/2’s

It was exciting to see how everything had grown over the summer holidays and especially the corn. We remembered how small the corn seed was when we planted it last year and now it was taller than us. We had a look around the garden to see everything then we picked some corn to take to the staffroom to eat.

Opening the corn was like opening the wrapping to a present. We couldn’t believe how inside it looked like real corn!

We cooked it and had a taste. It was very delicious.

Prep/Ones – Seeds exploration

We observed different seeds and seed pods and discussed how they were similar and how they were different.

Then we planted corn seeds and snow pea seeds in the garden. We also planted bean seeds in a clear, plastic cup so we could see them grow- including the roots. Most grew well but some people’s didn’t work. Maybe because they were too wet or sometimes a seed just isn’t right.

3/4 Ponding

We went to the pond at Jubilee park for our Art and Science lessons. We sketched the pond scene for Art. It felt very peaceful.

For Science we did went on a walk around the pond to view the overall ecosystem and to consider how humans have changed the environment activities. We also tried to find and identify fresh water macro animals from tubs of muddy water from the pond. We recorded what we found on a tally sheet that Mrs Taplin kept. The next week back at school we counted them up and found at least 17 different kinds. This is a sign that the health of the water was okay. These animals form a major part of Food chains and the overall Food web.


5/6 Static Electricity

How does electricity transfer energy?

By exploring static electricity and how electricity in nature can transfer from one object to another we could see that it was done – we just had to work out how. Because we had learned about Atoms earlier in the year a couple of us remembered that the Electrons on the ‘outside’ of an atom can transfer to another atom. This is the Charge we see or feel when objects rub together and generate friction. Then the atoms set about trying to balance or neutralise themselves back again.

3/4 Forces Unit

As part of our Forces unit we explored Static electricity then electricity in the form of electric circuits. This was a lot of fun.

Beforehand we ask questions about how electricity gets to our homes, how it travels along very small wires and why does something like a fan still turn after it is turned off.

After our group could make an electric circuit by testing it with a globe we then replaced the globe with a motor. Some of us joined up our circuits. When we had out motors and blade working we exchanged the battery for a mini Solar panel. It was surprising to see how strong the suns rays are on just a small panel and how well it made the motor and blade turn. We recorded our diagrams of our circuits in our workbooks.